2022 Franklin Independence Day Parade

Our annual parade re-cap.

SPECIAL JULY 4TH MESSAGE FROM THE CITY OF FRANKLIN: Please come to our fabulous parade. There’s no way to get here. But do come anyway!

GAPS: Why do I bother.

GRADING THE WEATHER: A decent breeze. But very humid. So, a wash.

PARADE NEWS BULLETIN: Tim Michels was scheduled. Yes, he showed up.

WHICH ELECTED OFFICIAL RAN OUT OF CANDY? Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon. How do I know? As she walked past us she said, “A thousand pieces of candy. How do you run out with a thousand pieces?”

BEST TV PERSONALTY: Hometown hero Lance Allan. WOOOOOOO!

BEST MASCOT: BO-VINE. Honorable mention: Roscoe of the Milwaukee Admirals.

BEST TEAM REPRESENTATIVES: Racing Sausages and Barrelmaker.

BEST HEADGEAR: Dance Academy of Mexico and sombreros.

MOST IMPRESSIVE: The tiny young lady (forget the organization) that did a series of four quick cartwheels in the middle of the street. Honorable mention: The large # of children throughout the parade.

BEST MUSIC: Franklin High School Marching Band that performed “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

BEST HANDOUT TO PARADE-GOERS: Coupons from Point After Pub and Grille in Franklin.


SCHOOL BOARD RUMOR: Member Linda Witkowski seen talking to colleagues, telling them the parade should definitely remain in Franklin next year.

BEST LEGS IN THE PARADE: Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Honorable mention: Franklin Alderwoman Michelle Eichmann. Franklin Mayor Steve Olson came in a distant 142nd.

BEST VEHICLE ACCOMPANYING AN ELECTED OFFICIAL: Massive truck driven by Franklin’s Chris Dawes for Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor who returned to the parade after a few years’ absence with more than just a bang after being elected in April.

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Chris Dawes’ wife Cindy Dawes drove a car for Franklin Alderwoman Michelle Eichmann.

BEST SHIRT: Steve Taylor’s RW & B special Milwaukee Milkmen jersey.

SENTIMENTAL FAVORITE: Franklin’s award-winning Glencastle Irish Dancers. Daughter Kyla walked and danced. Of course the entire group was tremendous.

BEST SWEET HANDED TO KIDS: Popsicles. Don’t remember who.

MOST FITTING UNIT: Debbie Davis of Franklin is running for state Assembly. Her car was dead last in the parade.

4 thoughts on “2022 Franklin Independence Day Parade

  1. As always, thanks Kevin for the shout-out and support of the Point After! We all appreciate it very much. One side note for your consideration next year, and I’ll open with I love Lance Allan and this is not a jab at him. Lance is a great guy! Sam Kraemer of Fox 6 news rode in the PA car for the second year in a row and is an actual “hometown” guy – grew up here and a Franklin grad to boot. For an extra 10% off and a complimentary glass of bourbon of your choice, I humbly summit this for your review and consideration in 2023!! Maybe Lance can join us for the bourbon? 🙂


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