Note to organizers of Franklin’s 4th of July parade

I know you’re out there, and I know you read me, most likely with a frown on your face.

For 30 years I’ve lived in Franklin and have been to 99% of the Franklin Independence Day parades. And I’ve chastised the people who run the parades because they could mess up a one-car funeral.

Disorganized. Very late starts. HUGE gaps in between units. And when I’ve brought the issues up year after year, I love the many excuses. My favorite response: Well, if you don’t like it why don’t you volunteer, OK? Sure, like that would work since I haven’t been listened to for three decades.

Given, last year was a rare exception and the parade moved along smoothly. Seriously, this year we need a repeat and then some.

I’m sure the organizers follow the weather reports, as untrustworthy as they may be. The forecast for Monday is doom and gloom, depending on the time of day.

Franklin’s parade is scheduled to begin at 11:00. Insert one LOL after another here.

No way it starts on time. Seriously, on Monday it has to. Especially if we are to believe the so-called weather experts. Problem is when they predict Armageddon they’re usually correct.

Again, parade starts at 11:00. Let’s call 11:10. Because prior to the parade start somehow it seems next to impossible to tell unit # 2 it follows unit #1, unit #3 follows unit #2, etc., etc., etc.

As of this posting the Journal Sentinel says it will be Monday mayhem.

The Weather Channel says thunderstorms in Franklin may not arrive until 2:00. I say we don’t take any chances.

How about it guys. For once in the 30 years I’ve been a Franklin resident can we get the doggone thing to start on schedule and keep moving in an orderly timely fashion?


3 thoughts on “Note to organizers of Franklin’s 4th of July parade

  1. Nothing personal, but based on a couple of years of observation, I think the City Council, School Board and Parade organizers would have a huge on- time parade if you happened to move out of Franklin.


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