Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #17: Get rid of the WEC


In a previous post I noted that Rebecca wants uniform rules for voting in Wisconsin.

That means for early voting hours, voting locations, voting forms, returning absentee ballots, opening and counting ballots, voting in long-term care facilities.

So, who should make the uniform rules? They need to come from the elected body responsible for upholding the Constitution: Our state Legislature, and not the WI Election Commission (WEC).

Back in February Rebecca told radio host Joe Giganti on WTAQ-AM in Green Bay:

“I would abolish WEC and I have said that. They have been a lawless agency and they have completely disregarded statutes and the constitution. I think they have turned our elections into a circus. And so whether we choose to put it under the Legislature or the secretary of state’s office, elections in Wisconsin must have more authority for the voters so that they have essentially one throat to choke. They need to be able to bounce someone from office, whether it’s the secretary of state or their legislator if elections go wrong.”

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