Let’s set the record straight

One of the ringleaders on the hard Left Franklin Facebook page this week tossed a fair amount of mud my way. Throughout my broadcast and political career I’ve become accustomed to insults and threats. What I won’t tolerate, however, is flat out lying that he’s engaged in numerous times.

He claims I’m obsessed with him. What a crock. He’s full of himself and crapola. I don’t write about him. Oh sure I take shots at his site and in general the haters on it (They hate when I correctly label them haters). But not him personally because he’s a big fat nothing burger.

Following the glorious SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade this particular hater repeatedly attacked pro-lifers with ‘how many is he/she going to adopt?’ And the asinine and utterly false statement, “They are only pro life until the child comes out of the womb.”

So I responded to, in my words, “the guy on that other Franklin FB page” with… a meme. He went ballistic. Became unhinged. Criticized me for attending a Franklin Common Council meeting to rip Alderman John Nelson, an elected official, for calling me, a private citizen, some derogatory names.

In his rant the guy on the other page unleashed a series of lies in addition to the absurd “They are only pro life until the child comes out of the womb.”

He said I called Mayor Steve Olson names at the start of my testimony before the council. Not true. I’ve posted the entire video. I did no such thing.

He said I hate the mayor. That’s how misinformed this guy is. For 15 years I’ve been accused by the mayor’s detractors of carrying water for his honor.

He said I hate the Common Council.
I’m not real nuts about a couple of them. But I don’t hate them.

He says I hate the school system. My wife and I are happy to send our daughter to a Franklin school and she loves it. The schools are fine. It’s the administration that drives me crazy.

Again, I won’t tolerate and sit back and be silent about liars.

I understand when Leftists run out of their bleeding heart arguments (emotion is all this fact-challenged bunch has) they resort to what this guy did in his back and forth with fellow haters. Out came the snide, juvenile, feeble attempts at humor.

On my site on occasion I’ve posted a picture of me, my wife, and our daughter Kyla moments after she was born.  So the guy thinking was so ingenious took the photo, edited so it showed just my forehead, posted on the thread, and made some idiotic remark about my hairline. That’s not clever or cute. It’s sleazy and scummy. But it demonstrates what kind of individual he is and the warped mind he must have that he’d slither to this level.

I suppose some would say we should all get along and be more civil with one another. I counter that’s it’s simply not possible with certain folks so I won’t even try.

2 thoughts on “Let’s set the record straight

  1. On the other hand, understanding your sensitivity to lies and lying, how do you feel about Trump and his non-stop lies? Rudy? the Pillow Packer? MTG? Boebert?


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