Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Shake your booty when you get down Saturday night

They’ve been performing for nearly 50 years.

KC and the Sunshine Band have racked up sales of more than 100 million records, nine Grammy nominations, three Grammy Awards and an American Music Award.

The band became the first act to score four #1 pop singles in one 12-month period since the Beatles in 1964.  Three of those singles crossed over to become #1 R&B, as well.

Their music has been featured in over 200 commercials and movies.

On Saturday (July 2) KC and the Sunshine Band play at Milwaukee Summerfest at 9:30 PM at the BMO Harris Pavilion.

I’ve blogged about how during the 1990’s while working at WTMJ RADIO I moonlighted backstage at the Main Stage at the WI State Fair.

The night KC and his ensemble played he and I spoke briefly about his concert at the Republican National Committee Gala on April 26, 200 in Washington D.C. (Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Harry Wayne Casey, better known as KC, is a longtime staunch Republican). One of my job duties that night was to assist KC’s scantily clad dancers with bodies that wouldn’t quit in big boots make it safely on and off the stage after going up and down several stage steps. The task was quite difficult as you might imagine.

On the far right above, dancer Maria de Crescenzo.

I recall how sweet she was that night and accepted every offer I made to hold her hand and escort her on those steps. I’ve read she still appears onstage with KC.

This special edition of the forgotten oldie (forgotten because good luck finding these great songs on the radio) is a complete video of the band at the GOP event in the presidential year of 2000.

Click here for C-SPAN’S coverage. Then scroll to the 25:50 mark for the complete non-stop concert where the entire outfit worked their booties off! And watch for Maria. She’s tough to miss.

NOTE: Just an FYI, not a criticism. If you attend Saturday’s show KC won’t look the same as he did when you last saw him. Lost hair, and gained some weight. But he still moves all over that stage.

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