Culinary no-no #741


A few days early this week because of the Independence Day holiday.

Wasn’t last year’s Independence Day celebration absolutely phenomenal?

In case you forgot, it was nothing short of incredible.

And all the credit goes to that punster of a POTUS, Joe Biden

Click below for the slideshow.


A whopping 16 cents!

Oh, thank you, Mr. President!

Thank you so much!


If you don’t mind…

VP Harris, do you have anything to say? How about it?

Can American families expect picnic savings this 4th of July?

Jordan Boyd of The Federalist writes:

According to a new report from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the total cost for an Independence Day BBQ is up $10 from 2021. That’s a 17 percent hike in cookout prices thanks to government-induced inflation.

In total, the cost is about $69.68 for a 10-person celebration that includes grilling essentials such as “cheeseburgers, pork chops, chicken breasts, homemade potato salad, strawberries, and ice cream.”

And Lewis Morris writes on The Patriot Post:

A growing consensus in the country is calling for the end of the penny because it is utterly valueless. Each penny costs at least two pennies to make. When labor experts factored in time and effort, they found that it is actually cheaper to leave spare change on the ground than to pick it up and put it in your pocket. And yet the Biden administration was so desperate to manufacture any hint of good economic news that it felt compelled to crow about saving us less than we’d typically find beneath a single couch cushion.

Fast-forward to this year. Those 16 pennies are long gone.

Again, from Jordan Boyd:

Thanks to the Biden administration’s reckless spending, inattention to the financial problems cursing American pocketbooks, and ongoing supply-chain crisis, which has prevented babies from getting the formula they need, I doubt we’ll see a cutesy graphic from the White House about this year’s Independence Day cookout prices.


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