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An excerpt: Franklin isn’t exactly a quality restaurant oasis. That’s why the opening of a few dining destinations was exciting news in 2020.

In the Franklin Village at 76th and Rawson the Havana Café began serving 5 star Authentic Cuban Cuisine in September.

Owner and chef Angelina Maholias told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she is known for her Cuban sandwich.

“Whether you’re in Havana or down in Miami, the pork is usually sliced like how you slice turkey. I marinate my pork and cook it for 12 hours, so it falls apart. It’s very tender and it’s very juicy.”

The update: Franklin Alderwoman Michelle Eichmann wrote on her Facebook page today:

Imagine just signing a lease, investing personal life savings and loans into equipment, remodeling costs, opening costs, supplies, food & much more and THEN COVID hits! This is the story of Havana Cafe. Not an easy challenge to face or overcome for anyone as we’ve sadly seen some not survive throughout these times.

I highly recommend Havana Cafe if you haven’t been in awhile or ever to give them a try! If you are like me & think Cuban food isn’t for you or spicy, I am here to tell you you may be wrong as I was! The food is not spicy & can be made to your liking. My personal favorite is the Cuban with healthy yucca fries served with a mouthwatering dip! The desserts can not be beat & available to order whole for special occasions and so reasonably priced! I’ve even purchased a slice, put a bow on it and given it as a little B-day treat or given to Thank one. Gift cards are also available as is catering. Chef Angelina (owner) has worked so hard and instills endless hours of her personal time to have excellent food to serve us all! I ask when out dining to please consider supporting her. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed & she is a gem so ever grateful for your business!

Check them out!


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