Week-ends (06/11/22)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Police in Alabama

These MLB players


Nicholas Roske

‘Ruth Sent Us’

Senator Debbie Strabenow


The Ukraine?


“We don’t talk enough about how the literal President of the United States’ son lied on his background check and broke federal law when purchasing a firearm… This is the same President who is pushing gun control.”
Caleb Hull

“It’s not just how do Americans feel about gun control, but how powerfully do they feel about it? … Only 36% of Americans say they are dissatisfied and want stricter gun laws. Get this: 54% say they’re either satisfied, or they’re dissatisfied and actually want less strict gun laws.”
CNN’s Harry Enten

“Jerry Nadler says he supports banning 18-year-olds from buying guns because their brains aren’t fully formed but opposes raising the draft age to 21 because ‘if the country needs people [to fight wars], it needs people.’”

Greg Price

“If an 18-year-old isn’t ‘mature enough’ to own a firearm, then maybe 5-year-olds aren’t mature enough to change their gender.”
Kevin Sorbo

 “Any suggestion that more guns could have prevented the Holocaust are profoundly anti-Semitic, immoral and flat out wrong.”
DNC Deputy National Finance Chair Andrew Weinstein

“What ended the Holocaust, genius?”
Jim Treacher

People wonder what Ronald Reagan would do about guns in the wake of these tragic mass shootings.

Well, first he’d find the areas of agreement between Democrats and Republicans in Congress and get them to write a bill.

Cooling off period? Not a problem. Age limit for AR-15s? Not a problem. Red-flag laws that are actually enforced? Not a problem.

Then he’d say, “Pass the bill and bring it to my desk and I’ll sign it.”

But he’d also add this caveat — “But you do realize all this could be done by the states – and it should be.”

Then my father would give a prime-time national address calling on governors and state legislatures to pass the federal legislation at the state level.

One thing President Reagan wouldn’t do? Go on late-night TV and chat about gun control with Jimmy Kimmel.
Michael Reagan

“It is outrageous that Chuck Schumer hasn’t said a word — no statement, no apology, no nothing — since the 26-year-old lunatic who wanted to kill Brett Kavanaugh was arrested.”
Tom Bevan

“If it was a red hat with a gun and knife arrested outside Sotomayor’s residence, it would be the only thing on several news stations and Pelosi would be having the Nat. Guard putting the fencing back up around the Capitol.”
Stephen L. Miller

 “It’s totally insane that somebody tried to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice [this week]. Think about that. They want to kill babies so badly they’re willing to murder a man AND destroy our Republic.”
Liz Wheeler

“Now more than ever, we need to embrace the family as the central unit of our society. Restoration of the family is at the core of restoring the American Dream for everyone.”
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

“Joe Biden, you’re the president. You asked for this job. You campaigned for this job. You assured us, over and over again, that you had the right kind of experience and judgment to do this job. You are now in the job that you’ve been trying to get since 1987. Stop whining about how difficult the job is.”
Jim Geraghty

“At the time I took office about 16 months ago, the economy had stalled and COVID was out of control. Today, thanks to the economic plan and the vaccination plan that my Administration put into action, America has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history.”
Joe Biden

“On the issue of gas prices … I got [an electric vehicle] and drove it from Michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was. And so I’m looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren’t going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies and the international markets.”
Senator Debbie Stabenow

“It was clearly unwise of President Biden to brush off rising inflation for so long and then to try to blame greedy corporations, among others, for the problem. … In hindsight, his $1.9 trillion rescue package in March 2021 was too large.”
The Washington Post editorial board

“‘Can I drive your car?’ No you’re 5. ‘Can I have a beer?’ No you’re 5. ‘Can I have a cigarette?’ No you’re 5. ‘Can I take hormones and change my gender?’ Of course! You know what’s best.”
Kevin Sorbo

“Pride Month still exists only to perpetuate the myth that gay and trans people are marginalized. Do leftists not have the internet?”
Stephen Kruiser

“We are facing a spiritual crisis in this country. The tribalism that is tearing us apart is due to the erosion of a spiritual foundation — a lack of recognition that we are one nation under God, that we are all God’s children — that inspires a deep respect & care for one another.”
Tulsi Gabbard


A Disturbing Poll in the Aftermath of the Attempted Assassination of Brett Kavanaugh

The Milwaukee Brewers and drag queens

Hunter’s Prostitute Got $20k Taxpayer Money Just after Joe Biden Sworn In


Leftists firebomb pro-life clinics

The Eerie Silence Around Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt


Pelosi’s Jan 6th hearing on prime time TV


Company to Las Vegas chapels: No more Elvis-themed weddings

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