My Most Popular Blogs (06/06/22)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Kyla, yes we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary with you, and it’s just fine

2) Giving teachers and students a fighting chance

3) Best Cartoons of the Week (06/04/22)

4) 20 Quotes Every Young Man Should Read Before He Goes into the Real World

5) Steve Kerr, just shut up and coach

6) Putting school shootings in perspective

7) Maybe I didn’t see the longest HR in baseball ever, but then…

8) Culinary no-no #737

9) Today’s highly interesting read (06/03/22): NBC News Described the Biden White House With One Word…And It’s Not Good

10) Yes, the GOP could lose the almost assuredly winnable midterms

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