Kyla, yes we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary with you, and it’s just fine

Today our lovely daughter Kyla competed in her 126th feis.

What in the world is a feis?

 “FEIS” (pronounced FESH) is a Gaelic word that means festival. Many years ago in Ireland, the local towns would hold a Feis where the community would gather–Many entered contests to show their baking, music, dance and art skills.  

We keep these traditions alive today!  At a feis, registrants can compete in a variety of Irish cultural activities. In addition to the dancing competitions, we encourage our dancers and their families to enter the other competitions available: music, baking, singing and art!  Even our parents have entered (and won!) baking competition! Yum! 

Kyla danced today at a feis in New Berlin hosted by the Kinsella Irish dance of Milwaukee. These competitions are held for dancers to attempt to rise all the way to the World Irish Dance Championships, and then who knows where else.

These feis events are a big deal.

Today my lovely wife Jennifer and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.

Trust me, we made no big deal about that. Instead we prepared for what we hoped would be an exciting day for our daughter.

We arrived on-site quite early at 7:30, and we danced, sorry, and Kyla danced and danced over and over again, eight times to be exact.

At one point late in the day, out of nowhere Kyla approached Daddy, slumped in a folding chair and surprised him with, “Are you okay with spending your wedding anniversary with me here?”

I had to assure her twice before she was satisfied (good girl).

In less than two minutes Jennifer turned up from nowhere in tears. The results were in. In the reel Kyla came in 1st, moving her up in the next class on Irish dancers to PRIZE WINNER.

For the day, Kyla earned one 4th (Treble Jig) two 3rd’s (Hornpipe) one 2nd (Slip Jig) and a FIRST PLACE in Reel which moved her up a level to Prizewinner! Oh so very close to four 1st place finishes.

Was her Irish grandmother Audrey Fischer looking down on her today? What do you think?

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!

We’ll take it!

3 thoughts on “Kyla, yes we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary with you, and it’s just fine

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