Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: She was washing her hair

Ok. You’re scratching your head. What’s going on here? First the strange headline. Then an editorial cartoon. Isn’t this an oldies blog?

Promise, we’ll tie it all together.

Inflation, the most serious issue according to most Americans, has affected just about everything. That includes matrimony.

The good news is that after COVID, couples have been enthusiastically preparing wedding celebrations, no longer held captive by masks and guest restrictions. The wedding business has come roaring back.

About 2.5 million weddings are expected to take place this year, the highest number of ceremonies since 1984, according to the Wedding Report, an industry trade group. That is nearly double the number of weddings that took place in 2020 and half a million more than last year.

The bad news is inflation. Consumer prices increased 8.3% in the 12 months ending in April, near the fastest pace since 1981. The rising prices are making it less affordable for people to attend weddings.

Kate Edmonds, the founder and president of Kate Edmonds Events, a Manhattan-based wedding planner say while the demand for more extravagant weddings by the hosts has increased, the average size of weddings has decreased. Before COVID-19, Edmonds says a normal wedding for her business might have included 250 to 300. Now, many have just 75 to 150 guests.

The people working at the events themselves are tough to find.  Wages for those workers have increased, putting more pressure on the price of a couple’s big day. Still, wedding bells are ringing loud and clear in 2022.

Many years ago I helped my good friend Jim Kaluzny who had a DJ wedding music business. Many brides and grooms selected as their official first dance together a Frank Sinatra number, a fitting and wonderful choice. The song was first introduced in a film from the 1930’s.

And such a romantic scene. Fred Astaire is one room playing at a piano, singing to Ginger Rogers who’s in another room…

Now there’s nothing wrong with the Sinatra version. But for dance floor purposes I though it just a tad too fast. However I wasn’t about to tell the young lovers they should dump the Chairman of the Board for something else. Unfortunately you only hear this beauty at wedding receptions.

I really like this rendition, just the right tempo. The movie is from 1991. The vocalist is Steve Tyrell.

BTW, about Saturday…

Happy Anniversary Jennifer.

A brief encore.

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