Steve Kerr, just shut up and coach

The NBA Finals begin tonight between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. Sadly our Milwaukee Bucks will not be there to defend their NBA Championship. But I’ll be watching regardless because I love the NBA playoffs. Lots of people have shunned pro sports entirely. I am not one of them.

One team has to win this series. I’m plugging for the Warriors even though I can’t stand them. But I despise the Celtics even more. The Warriors do have two former Milwaukee Public Schools ballplayers on their team: Jordan Poole (Milwaukee Rufus King) and Kevon Looney (Milwaukee Hamilton).

Off the court Golden State head coach Steve Kerr became the darling of the Left and the ultra-biased national new media last week.

“Powerful” the media said. “Passionate.” The LA Times reported Kerr spoke for all of us.

Yes, Kerr has a stake in the matter. His father Malcolm Kerr, then serving as the American University of Beirut president, was shot dead in 1984 by gunmen outside his office. Ever since he’s spent a great deal of time calling for gun reform.

During the summer 2020 riots over George Floyd’s death under police custody, Kerr joined hundreds of activists at the anti-police rally demanding the removal of all uniformed law enforcement officers from Oakland Unified School District campuses.

Kerr speaks for all of us?

School safety activist Ryan Petty, a Parkland parent whose 14-year-old daughter was murdered in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting sharply disagrees.

“No. He’s dead wrong. While I appreciate the outrage, nothing he proposes would have done anything to stop any recent school attacks. He may be a good coach, but he’s woefully unprepared to make policy. Here’s how you know Steve Kerr isn’t serious about keeping schools safe. He wants to remove the only protection from an active threat students and staff have. His ideas are reckless.”

From Clay Travis of

The fact not one media member last night — & there were dozens — asked Kerr to explain how his new demand for gun laws to protect kids squares with his prior demands to remove police from schools & defund the police is further proof of how worthless most sports media is.

Kerr, presently being hailed as a hero by left wing sports media, is actually a coward emblematic of many on social media. He has passionate opinions on whatever people are emotional about, even if it directly contradicts his prior emotional opinions.

Personally, I’d like to know how our Congress, and our president, can justify spending $40 billion to keep Ukraine safe while we can’t spend a fraction of that to ensure all our schools have armed police officers to keep our kids safe.

Regardless, there are many people with many valid opinions on this issue. Steve Kerr is not one of them. He’s a complete hypocrite. Maybe now he’d like to rescind his past support for defunding & removing police from schools. But the fact no media asked him is shameful cowardice.

And finally, Matt Vespa is the Senior Editor at

Look, I like Steve Kerr…in the sports world. The man played with the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, when he was with the Chicago Bulls. He won five championships in his playing career and has won another three coaching Golden State. He has suffered unimaginable tragedy in his life with his father’s murder in the 1980s. The late Malcolm Kerr was serving as the president of the American University of Beirut. That doesn’t mean he’s totally shielded from criticism or when someone calls out his hypocrisy. School resource officers work. It’s proven. Why don’t Democrats support that? Well, as you already know, it’s not about stopping mass shootings. It’s about taking away people’s guns. 

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