Putting school shootings in perspective

Two questions.

1) How many incidents of shootings have there been at schools in America this year?

2) And how many ‘mass school shootings’ have there been here in 2022?

The answer to #1 has been all over the news in recent days.  It’s 27.

As for #2, you might be surprised to learn the answer is 1. The only mass school shooting in the United States this year took place in Uvalde when 19 children and two teachers were murdered.

Let’s clear. ALL school shootings are horrific. But this issue which has been overly politicized needs to be put in perspective.

Robby Soave, a senior editor at Reason has published a finding that everyone else in the media is unaware of or ignoring because it doesn’t fit their gun control template.

According to Soave:

The problem here is that three very differently defined terms are being used somewhat incautiously and interchangeably: school shootingmass shooting, and mass school shooting. Uvalde was a mass school shooting; the 26 previous tragedies at schools this year were not.

The difference is significant. Education Week, which tracks all school shootings defines them as incidents in which a person other than the suspect suffers a bullet wound on school property. Many of the 26 previous shootings involved disputes between students in parking lots, or after athletic events, and all of them resulted in one or zero deaths. These deaths are still incredibly tragic, of course. But they are fundamentally unlike what happened in Uvalde.

Uvalde is a mass school shooting. This is defined in different ways too: an incident in which at least four people (some counters make it three) are shot and/or killed

A stricter tally of mass school shootings, conducted by criminologists for Scientific American, only includes incidents where the shootings resulted in at least four deaths. Using their criteria, the number of mass school shootings in the U.S. since the year 1966 is 13. These crimes claimed the lives of 146 people in total.

Obviously, 13 incidents in the last 56 years is a very different statistic than 27 incidents in the last few months.

You can read Soave’s piece here.

Finally, filmmaker Mike Cernovic nails it.

“Interesting. The definition of ‘school shooting’ was changed to make them seem common, when in fact it’s rarer than we realized.”

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