Today’s highly interesting read (05/29/22): How Does One Converse With a Catholic Politician on Abortion?

On this Sunday today’s read is from Donald DeMarco, Ph.D., a Senior Fellow of Human Life International. He is professor emeritus at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ontario, an adjunct professor at Holy Apostles College in Cromwell, Connecticut. Here’s an excerpt:

In our age of division, which is the sharpest of its kind in America since the Civil War, there is one thing that is commonly agreed upon, namely, that there is a critical need for social reform. However, this unanimous call for reform immediately degenerates into division when people, especially politicians, cannot agree on how to begin engineering this reform. 

The reaction among many baptized Catholic politicians to the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade makes clear their conviction that truth must be set aside so that unreason can be given a place of primacy. Consider the reactions of the following high-level politicians concerning the possible demise of Roe v. Wade. They firmly believe that partisan ideologies should overturn the very Constitution that provides America with its unifying moral standard. 

Read the column here.


Nancy Pelosi is in serious trouble. And not the kind of trouble associated with such petty, earthly concerns like her party losing its majority in a humiliating and historic fashion this coming November. And with that loss, her loss of the speakership for the second time in a dozen years. 

No, Nancy Pelosi has some serious trouble with the disposition of her soul. And she needs our prayers, even if she doesn’t believe it herself.

Pray for Pelosi

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