Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm is silent on an issue and that’s rare

That’s because attempting to get the alderwoman to clam up when she’s rolling on her soapbox is about impossible. No insult. It’s just a fact. In the past her rambling has worked to her detriment as she annoyingly, literally talks herself out of garnering support.

Given that Wilhelm is a hyper enviro. I’m stunned that, to my knowledge, she hasn’t uttered a peep about what could be the most critical issue haunting America today: those obscene crippling gas prices.

Here’s what’s happening.

Gasoline prices in California last week surged 19 cents in one week to top $6 a gallon, with analysts warning that California’s record prices could soar higher still and spread to the rest of the country.

Nationwide, all 50 states for the first time ever hit an average price above $4 a gallon. Democrats know they’re in trouble heading into the midterms and are promising to do everything they can to ease the pain at the pump. Democrats (Wilhelm is a big-time “D”) are under pressure to address the soaring prices. They have stuck to their green agenda as oil and gas prices have shot through the roof, including continuing to back carbon fees and higher gas taxes and oppose more drilling. Meanwhile their constituents complain about paying the highest gas prices of their lives that are now costing the average American household an extra $2,000 a year. Buying power and wages are being chewed away.

Wilhelm is no stranger to making her voice heard. On the Common Council floor. On social media. Why so silent here, especially when her fellow Democrats are facing obliteration come election time? Shy she’s not. Can you imagine if she’d come out blasting the cranium-challenged president we’ve got, or the governor she assuredly voted for? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’d compose the biggest best positive blog I’ve ever done about her.

I could say the same about her buddy buddy on the council, Alderman John (pick on me and I’ll call you coward coward coward) Nelson who, with the departure of Dan Mayer has elevated himself to the second worst council member. Like Wilhelm it was Nelson who in the recent April election supported Franklin’s most flawed aldermanic candidate who along with his bands strongly worked to oppose an expansion of excellent corporate citizen Strauss Meats, while at the same time they sued the city.

Wilhelm and Nelson, in part, threw up roadblocks to Strauss because of all those enviro horror stories they fell for. You know: God-awful smells, noise, dust, animal blood in the streets, and other assorted types of mayhem like job gains, an increase in tax revenue, an improved business climate, that kind of junk.

Now I can sense some of you yelling at your keyboards. C’mon Kev. What can a small city alderperson who represents about 6,000 people do?

Ooh, this is a real toughie. How about a cry for help. On social media. A resolution before the Common Council. E-mails. A news release. A news conference. Let residents know you are paying attention, are ticked off, and care.

Need guidance? Call the Milwaukee Common Council and/or the Milwaukee County Board that are not hesitant to draft useless resolutions petitioning the state or Congress to listen to them on this or that.

Instead, Wilhelm and Nelson have no difficulty yapping away incessantly on a useless Code of Conduct proposal, one that they’ve been clamoring for during the past 9-10 months, but have both refused to sign onto.


I can’t help but wonder when Wilhelm’s minions, upon reading, first went to their phone or e-mails to send out the alert:


Was it:

A) When they saw the headline

B) When she’s mentioned in Paragraph 2

C) When they read the entire piece

My guess is A.

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