If the city of Franklin is going to have a code of conduct it needs this

Today (05/20/22) I sent the following e-mail to Franklin’s elected officials:

Dear Mayor and Common Council members:

On Tuesday during my citizen comments at the Common Council meeting I suggested that after being personally attacked by Alderman John Nelson a few weeks ago at an open public meeting  that the council should consider in its code of conduct discussions a provision that elected officials refrain from such behavior.

After I left the meeting Nelson did it again, repeating previous name-calling.

Acting dumbfounded (then again, maybe he really was) Nelson tried clumsily to defend himself by saying he never mentioned me specifically at meetings a few weeks ago and was surprised I could possibly imagine he was talking about me.

In doing so Nelson insulted everyone’s intelligence. How dumb does he think people are? Everybody knew exactly who he was referring to!

If you persist in pursuing this nearly yearlong wasted exercise of a code of conduct I request that you include a stipulation that the Mayor and Common Council members be strictly prohibited from personal attacks on private citizens, whether those citizens are specifically identified or referred to in the manner Nelson attacked me. This type of behavior is unprofessional and inexcusable.

I’ll be curious to see if anyone has the common sense and decency to make such a proposal. Thank you for your consideration.

Kevin Fischer

One thought on “If the city of Franklin is going to have a code of conduct it needs this

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