The ‘keyboard coward’ strikes back

A couple of weeks ago the Franklin Common Council’s Committee of the Whole met and on the agenda was discussion on a code of conduct for the city.

Alderman John Nelson began the code of conduct discussion by referring to yours truly. Nelson called me a “keyboard coward basement blogger” that “gets spoon fed information.” And then I go out and attack two council members. That would be himself and his council buddy Kristen Wilhelm.

“I don’t pay attention to this coward’s site,” said Nelson. Oh really? You could have fooled me!

I’m cowardly? Nelson’s name-calling is laughable.

Apparently I’ve upset the thin-skinned alderman. However:

He has never contacted me

He has never e-mailed me.

He has never written a single response or reply to any of my posts.

Tuesday night when the Common Council held its regularly scheduled meeting I made a rare appearance to respond during the citizen comment period.

NOTE: After I spoke and left the meeting Alderman Nelson weakly defended himself by claiming he never mentioned me or anybody else at the meeting in question and feigned puzzlement that I would believe he was, indeed, referring of me.

Good grief. Does this guy think people are that stupid? Of course everybody knows who he was talking about! What a piece of work.

2 thoughts on “The ‘keyboard coward’ strikes back

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