The most precious photo you can find

Thomas Reeves, a friend of mine, wrote on his Facebook page:

If the beauty of May was insufficient to raise our spirits, the large Catholic, Latin Rite church we attend in Milwaukee chose Sunday to celebrate First Communion. The thirty children, dressed up, and surrounded by admiring relatives, were now able to partake of the grace found in the Blessed Sacrament. It was beautiful to behold the aftermath when we entered—all of the cameras, the smiles, the pride, the sense of belonging, the spiritual presence—here was something ancient, Christian, and inspiring. Watching all of this, I felt, well, clean. Here were young people drawing closer to Christ. And most, if not all, of them would have the power to resist and oppose the Culture of Death that is mounding the vast majority all over the world. Thanks be to God.

Another friend of mine is Ryan Patrick McEldowney. Ryan used to be the organist at my beloved St. Anthony’s parish in Milwaukee. He now lives with his family in Louisville.

Ryan’s daughter Mary Cecelia made her First Holy Communion on May 12 at Christi Classical Academy. Words cannot describe. Unbelievably precious.

There also was a May Crowning.

God bless you Mary Cecelia and your whole family!

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