They could be wild in your neighborhood

Coyotes have been a topic of conversation in Franklin where I live for the past several years. Numerous claims of sightings have either been met with some degree of shock, or ridicule.

Take a look at this photo from June of last year. Coyotes also known as Bush Wolves adopt a defensive stance to defend their den in Pacific Grove, California. They don’t look all that warm and fuzzy to me.

We’ve seen a coyote back by our retention pond attacking some ducks. Also saw one just three doors down our street. They’re nothing like a Warner Bros. cartoon.

Back in the spring of 2015 the Franklin Police Department posted a notice on their Facebook page from the WI Dept. of Natural Resources that read in part:

There has been an increase in coyote sightings in the past few weeks in Milwaukee County. Starting in April and running through the summer, coyote activity increases. Coyote packs have more mouths to feed (this year’s pups), and those young mouths are also becoming more active, leaving den sites for longer periods to learn to hunt and survive on their own.

Concerns range from the presence of coyotes in neighborhoods to attacks on pets. Most attacks on pets coincide with people leaving pets unattended in their yard in the later evening hours. These situations can be remedied if people keep any eye on any pets in the yard. Hazing tactics also work well to deter coyotes from visiting your yard.

Coyotes are, in many ways, just like dogs. But are they OK?

Just ran across this in a recent edition of Dogster magazine. Everything you wanted to know about coyotes.

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