Who will be Franklin’s new school superintendent?

I have no idea.

Inside information? Got none.

I have studied up on the three finalists and, not surprisingly, I’m not impressed. We’re going to get a clunker to say the least.

The school board makes its announcement tonight. These are hunches as to who I think has the odds to get chosen:

1) Corey Golla, Menomonee Falls

Easily the worst finalist. That’s why he’ll get the job. The Franklin School Board is a clown car. Inept. And so I think the odds are they’ll go with the most inferior candidate. He’s their #1 choice in my view.

2) Stephen Plank, Burlington. Like Golla he’s got baggage. He’s bad news. Just the kind of person Franklin’s School Board could select, despite his dubious track record.

3) Sarah Annalee Bennin, Sheboygan Falls. The board liked her. Impressed in her interview. Energetic and confident. Probably not good enough. Too young and inexperienced in the board’s eyes. BUT, wouldn’t be the train wreck of the other two.

If I’m right this will be horrible for Franklin.

Important background

3 thoughts on “Who will be Franklin’s new school superintendent?

  1. Based on following your posts on School Board and Common Council, Franklin seems like a terrible place to live. If we ever return for residency, we will be sure to avoid Franklin. Thanks for the heads up. Probably do Cedarburg again, or a downtown Milwaukee condo.


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