The Barking Lot – America’s Finest Dog Blog (05/07/22)

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…Originally written by both my lovely wife, Jennifer and me, this blog brings you the latest news about our furry friends including articles, columns, photos and videos. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors.

TODAY:  Sunny. High of 59.  “B”

SUNDAY:  Cloudy. High of 57. “C”

Before we get to this week’s news a dip into The Barking Lot vault. Jennifer wrote in May of 2012 (edited and updated):

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, this is the time we stop to think about all that “Mom” means and all that Mom does.  You’re sure to read lists containing common terms such as chauffeur, nurse, confidant, maid, chef and mediator.  How ‘bout one more:  chief pet caretaker.

Yep, on top of everything else, moms are generally the ones who end up caring for Fido. Everything from shopping for food to the end result of yard duty seems to fall squarely on her shoulders, despite the repeated promises from her children that THEY would take care of it.

Getting a dog during the summer is a great time for the kids to walk it and bathe it.  But when it’s January and warmer in Alaska than it is in Wisconsin who’s the one donning the ski boots so Rover can romp?

Do you know any family where Mom yells out, “Roxie threw up again!  Eeew, gross!  I’m not cleaning that up…”  No, she just grabs the roll of Viva and dives in no questions asked.

Since minor children have no source of regular income, who pays for everything?  Milk Bones, loofah doggies, plush bedding and flea collars don’t fall from the sky.  The kids don’t work, and they certainly don’t drive.  Who takes Ralphie to the vet at least annually?

And let’s not forget who the best and biggest worrier in the family is.  When there is a medical concern or run-away issue, who’s the one staying up at least half the night until the problem is resolved?

If you’re still stumped as to what to get Mom this year, consider this…  Make good on your promise that you will, indeed, care for your dog.  After you hand Number One Mom the box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, and mushy card, why not take Rex for a walk, give him a bath, pour his food and water and play with him.  (I’d suggest also vacuuming up his hair and cleaning the yard but we want to see mom smile, not faint from shock.)

—Jennifer Fischer

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

VIDEO: Milwaukee dog daycare takes heat over social media videos…

WTH is wrong with people?! MORE.

Dog trainer opening private dog park in Milwaukee neighborhood, hopes to prevent dog attacks.

VIDEO and ARTICLE: Carroll University students share bittersweet moment after handing dogs to new owners.

How Much of a Dog’s Behavior Is Predicted by Its Breed?

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog? Giant Study Reveals a Surprising Answer.

Zeus holds the record. VIDEO and ARTICLE.

Tiny Driving Dog Collared By Traffic Cops in Adorable Video, one of the best of the year.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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See ya, BARK, next Saturday!

And Happy Mother’s Day!

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