NEWS FLASH for the Franklin Common Council (especially John Nelson and Kristen Wilhelm)

At its meeting tonight the Franklin Common Council will consider a review of a proposed City of Franklin Code of Conduct. The council’s Committee of the Whole discussed Monday night. The council has already spent (wasted) hours and hours on this issue.



I watched the video of Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting. The Common Council regularly meets as a Committee of the Whole on the first Monday of each month.

Discussion took place on a code of conduct for the city. Above I mentioned that this issue has taken up hours. That was incorrect. The council has spent nine months on it as stated last night by Alderwoman Shari Hanneman.

Alderman John Nelson began the code of conduct discussion by referring to yours truly. Nelson called me a “keyboard coward basement blogger” that “gets spoon fed information.” And then I go out and attack two council members. That would be himself and his council buddy Kristen Wilhelm.

“I don’t pay attention to this coward’s site,” said Nelson. Oh really? You could have fooled me!

I’m cowardly? Nelson’s name-calling is laughable.

Apparently I’ve upset the thin-skinned alderman. However:

He has never contacted me

He has never e-mailed me.

He has never written a single response or reply to any of my posts.

And I’m the cowardly one?

I guess Nelson is confident that the council has resolved most of Franklin’s major issues that a code of conduct has now become a top priority. Mayor Steve Olson is living rent-free in his head. I think I’m in there somewhere as well.

Earth to Nelson: I really don’t care about your insults. I worked in journalism for decades. I’ve been called every name in the book. Even had death threats. So your little hissy fit ranks pretty low and inconsequential since in the scheme of things you’re pretty small potatoes. I will continue to be a watchdog and exercise free speech when it comes to the city, no matter how much you may dislike it.


There are dozens of pages in the proposed code of conduct. Lots of inside baseball but at the risk of oversimplification it’s essentially ‘Can’t we all get along?’

Cue the whiny Wilhelm:

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