Week-ends (04/30/22)

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Marty Schreiber

My longtime friend and colleague, Dan Harris

Shawn Fleetwood, an intern at The Federalist and a senior at the University of Mary Washington

Jacky Hunt-Broersma

Kelsey Raddeman

This baseball fan


Khalil Perry

Russian soldiers

Could pick him every week. Joe Biden.

Dr. Risa Hoshino


“‘Elon Musk could end world hunger with $6 billion.’ Well, Elon paid $11 billion in federal taxes last year which coincidently is the same amount of money America gave to the UN. Why hasn’t the UN ended world hunger yet?”
Greg Price

“Musk is going to make it the open platform it was supposed to be. … His view seems to be the old view that animated the Founding Fathers of our country, that the answer to objectionable speech is not less speech, it’s more speech. As Thomas Jefferson put it, this is a country where we’re not afraid to tolerate error so long as ‘reason is free to combat it.’ Content moderators don’t want to combat it, they want to silence it. … Free speech on Twitter is not going to harm America.”
Brit Hume

“I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”
Elon Musk

“The president has long been concerned about the power of large social-media platforms, the power they have over our everyday lives.”
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki 

“Dear Jen: How does Joe Biden feel about the fact that Twitter helped get him elected by censoring the New York Post’s 100% verified and corroborated blockbuster about his son Hunter’s laptop revealing family corruption? Does that power concern the president?”
Nate Jackson

“Netflix losing subscribers. CNN+ shuts down. Disney stock value dropping. Twitter takeover by Musk. Just the beginning?”
Laura Ingraham

“If you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for the Twitter person who decided it was a good idea to ban the Babylon Bee.”
David Burge

“What’s remarkable is that one of the most stunning turns in the history of public discourse occurred because a satire account said a man is not a woman.”
Allie Beth Stuckey

“I got involved in politics because I think the greatest sin anyone can commit is the abuse of power.”
Joe Biden

“They’re all our children. And the reason you’re the teachers of the year is because you recognize that. They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”
Joe Biden

“There are limitations that have been imposed upon him and us because of COVID that I think have not allowed people to see at all times what his magic is, right?”
White House press secretary Jen Psaki when asked about the “perception” that Joe Biden is not very good at getting the message out

“Now we’re supposed to disregard what we see with our own eyes. Many of us have had our own confused grandpa, starting one story and finishing another or rambling from one topic to the next nonsensically. Grandpa sometimes wanders. The trouble is this confused grandpa (Biden) has a bit more power than your own.”
Karol Markowicz, NY Post

“It is not, as strategists and consultants insist, a failure to communicate, but a skeptical and deeply discontented public that sees for itself the chasm that has opened between reality and deception. Americans are reminded every day the administration’s Titanic is clanging off one iceberg after another while the captain and first mate insist all is well and can be explained away easily. Only the willfully naïve and terminally gullible accept the Administration rationales, explanations that are patently absurd and highlight the massive disconnect between the Administration’s rhetoric and the everyday experiences of Americans.”
Carl Golden is a senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University in New Jersey

“The administration fears the anger of the hard Left more than the furor of the American people. So it will not change, preferring to be politically correct and a failure than to be ideologically incorrect and successful. … Biden knows that he inherited a stable, prosperous America and has nearly ruined it. And he knows the American people know that too.”
Victor Davis Hanson

“The left have this fantasy that if they can just suppress people from seeing right-wing viewpoints then everyone will have no choice but to believe moronic left-wing ideas.”
Frank J. Fleming

“There is no such thing as student debt forgiveness. The burden is not forgiven but rather transferred from the people who took out the loans to people who did not.”
Matt Walsh

“Forgiving student loans is a great way to slap everyone in the face who took out a loan with the intent of paying it back. Punishing people who worked their [butts] off to pay off their loans is quite the strategy.”
Caleb Hull

“There’s never been a tougher time to be a cop than right now. After years of lopsided media portrayals and misguided attempts to defund law enforcement, many Americans have formed a wildly inaccurate view of the 800,000 good cops out there who will never wind up in the headlines for disrespecting their uniform or abusing their badge. As a result, we’re not only seeing a devastating rise in crime all over the country, we’re seeing unprecedented attacks on cops. … There’s a line between civilization and anarchy. It’s thin, and it’s blue.”
Mike Rowe

“LGBTQ activists are using corporations to force their agenda on the public, and companies may want to take another look at what they are allowing to happen. Disney has gone too far. The people of Florida have revolted, and it’s going to cost Disney big time. Disney had a special tax status in the state which they benefitted from in a huge way — but because they came out against the parents of Florida, the governor and legislators have revoked that status. What has happened at Disney is moral failure. Walt Disney had a vision for wholesome family entertainment. He was committed to the family. The morals of the corporate leadership of Disney today are in the gutter, and they want to redefine family counter to God’s original design and flaunt sin.”
Franklin Graham

“Leftists have a major problem with women (or minorities) in authority thinking for themselves and coming to conservative conclusions. Diversity is great as long as there’s no deviation from leftist dogma.”
Nate Jackson of The Patriot Post

“The political party that believes men can be women and women can be men is worried about disinformation.”
Lisa Boothe


More Secret Gender Transition Closets Discovered in Public Schools


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Liberals in meltdown over Elon Musk


Woman who fell in Mt. Walker vault toilet while trying to retrieve phone rescued

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