Today’s highly interesting read (04/26/22): I’m a Full-Time Working Mom. Here’s Why I Love Homeschooling My Daughter. 

Homeschooling has increased dramatically since the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdowns that followed. Census data reveals that by the fall of the 2020-2021 school year, 11.1 percent of households with school-aged children reported homeschooling, double the amount of the previous year. Then, by May 2021, the percentage was 19.5. 

In WI data from the state Department of Public Instruction show 3.25% of all students or nearly 32,000 were home-schooled last academic year.

Why the surge? Overbearing COVID restrictions, politically motivated curriculum, and a growing perception that overall there’s been a decline in the quality of education their children are receiving in government-run schools. 

Today’s read is from Marguerite Bowling, Senior Communications Manager at the Heritage Foundation. Here’s an excerpt before the final article:

Any working mom can attest that work never quite turns off.  

We don’t necessarily get to sleep in on the weekends or kick back and sip wine when we get home from our jobs.  

Most likely, we’re cooking dinner, giving baths, refereeing fights, negotiating on bedtime or television, reading stories, and trying to accomplish the million things on our to-do lists once we get home.  

So, why add one more responsibility to the list—especially one as important as educating our kids? 

Read the entire column here.

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