On this Earth Day throw away your masks, save the planet

Those hissy fits from the left you heard this week? Julio Rosas, the  Senior Writer for Townhall sums it up nicely:

There was a predictable temper tantrum from your typical Covidians when it was announced a Florida federal judge ruled the mask mandate for public transportation was unconstitutional with social media users vowing to continue wearing masks on airplanes to promises of canceling trips in protest.

Tons of media stories are now warning people to mask up anyway on planes and trains. Subsequent stubborn stomping of feet isn’t exclusive to public transportation, though.  Despite mandates dropping like flies far too many still living in fear refuse to relinquish their face diapers no matter where they go, even alone in their own automobiles.

Why after two years does the obsession continue? Hrand Tookman, a Cleveland, Ohio native with a background in interpersonal communications explains it well:

A lot of people will claim the masks were about establishing and maintaining control. That’s fair, but it wasn’t their primary purpose. The primary purpose of the mask mandates was to make every person who wore one a walking advertisement for fear. If you were wearing a mask, then you were doing your job, because you had given up your right to free expression and replaced it with one, constant sentiment: “I’m afraid, and you should be too.”

Maybe, just maybe (though I have my doubts) the following will persuade some maskoholics to abandon their virtue signaling. Adriana Cohen, a syndicated columnist, national TV commentator, Boston Herald columnist and talk show host writes in a stunning column:

Here’s an inconvenient fact mask proponents don’t want to recognize: Masks and other personal protective equipment are wreaking havoc on the environment. Billions of masks made of microplastics have made their way to the world’s oceans, and soon, experts warn we’ll have more masks in the sea than jellyfish. This unfathomable reality is something British Environmental Minister Zac Goldsmith sounded the alarm about last month.

“More than 26,000 tonnes of the billions of plastic masks we’ve used have leaked into — and are now choking — the ocean,” he tweeted. “It is catastrophic and unforgivable. Covid theatrics are costing the Earth. It genuinely pains me to see … committed environmentalists bemoaning the loosening of restrictions on these largely pointless and nature-ruining masks. Enough now. Please.”

Bottom line: The longer people wear masks, the more profound damage they’re doing to the environment.

Read Cohen’s piece here.

Then ditch the masks and save the planet.

2 thoughts on “On this Earth Day throw away your masks, save the planet

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