Franklin narrows search for new school superintendent

Franklin Public Schools (FPS) announced today there are three (3) finalists to replace outgoing District Administrator Judy Mueller.

They are the current school superintendents in Burlington, Menomonee Falls, and Sheboygan Falls.

A perfunctory search came up with the following:

Long-simmering racial tensions in Burlington erupt after a teacher included Black Lives Matter in a lesson

Burlington schools failed to address ‘racially hostile’ environment, DPI finds

Menomonee Falls superintendent regrets email that said he would resign if the high school’s mascot doesn’t change

Someone who closely follows education matters all across Wisconsin told me Corey Golla has “manipulative ways. He’s a garbage fire.”

ALSO, Newstalk 1130 WISN’s Mark Belling wrote about the April 5th elections:

It is impossible to overstate the success of the Waukesha County Republican Party’s WisRed campaign. Virtually all candidates endorsed by the GOP across the county won. For years, local Republicans sat on their apathetic butts and essentially conceded school board, mayoral, city council, county board and village elections to more organized liberals. This has been especially true in school board races where conservative communities ended up with very liberal school boards, often virtually handpicked by the teachers union.

But the Waukesha GOP, under chair Terry Dittrich, has aggressively recruited candidates to run, has screened candidates for endorsement and has printed flyers advising voters who the true conservatives are. The efforts have flipped several school boards away from liberal control and had impact on other local races as well.

The Menomonee Falls “Moms On A Mission” swept into office running a dominant 1-2-3. The backlash against an arrogant school board supported by old MF hacks began when the public’s desire to keep the high school’s Indians nickname was ignored. Overt embrace of Black Lives Matter after the anti-police riots and being caught red-handed inserting Critical Race Theory in the curriculum furthered the backlash. The result—-for the first time ever, true conservatives control a major MF agency.

I  am quite worried that FPS will screw this up.

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