The latest perspectives on masks

“Nobody has actively banned anyone from wearing a mask. It is your choice to don one, as epidemiologically useless as such a gesture may be. But those on the Left seem to be under the wild misimpression that anything not prohibited is now mandatory — an act of pure intellectual projection springing from the Left’s insistence on collective rulemaking. For those on the Left, individual freedom represents a threat to everyone; to allow individuals the ability to choose therefore undermines the entire scheme. Those on the Left simply project this mindset onto everyone else. Thus, they believe that anyone who opposes mask mandates wants to force everyone to unmask.”
Ben Shapiro

“In the end, the Biden White House and its executive agency henchmen had to be forced to unmask Americans by the judiciary. Everyone should remember that come election time.”
Ben Shapiro

“Think about this for a moment: it took just one brave federal judge accurately applying the law to end a two year mask mandate on airplanes. True bravery is rare. God bless her.”
Clay Travis

“The people who are angry that Americans don’t have to wear a mask on a plane anymore are the same ones who want to end the Title 42 Covid rule for illegal immigrants.”
Senator Marco Rubio

“Perhaps — just perhaps — the most childish and selfish among us are those who beg government agencies to exceed their statutory authority in order to ensure that we all mirror their favored priorities. Perhaps those who have spent two years declaring their authority over every aspect of Americans’ lives ought to consider the possibility that we’re happy to let them ruin their own, but that we would prefer they leave us alone. And most of all, perhaps the COVID-19 paranoiacs ought to spend just a moment considering whether there is a space between mandatory and prohibited where others might be granted a smidgen of liberty.”
Ben Shapiro

“I don’t give a d*** what some grossly unqualified Donald Trump judge said, I’m double masked and wearing goggles on this Nashville to DC flight. I had COVID in December. Y’all can KISS MY A** about me not wanting it again. And any fool saying they don’t matter is a d*** liar.”
Journalist Roland Martin

A lot of people will claim the masks were about establishing and maintaining control. That’s fair, but it wasn’t their primary purpose. The primary purpose of the mask mandates was to make every person who wore one a walking advertisement for fear.

If you were wearing a mask, then you were doing your job, because you had given up your right to free expression and replaced it with one, constant sentiment: “I’m afraid, and you should be too.”

That was the main purpose of the masks. That’s why they wanted everyone to keep wearing them. It was about control, yes, but far more than that, it was about promoting fear.

The mask stripped you of your right to free expression and replaced whatever you wanted to communicate with one single piece of speech: “Be afraid.”

That was the primary purpose. That’s why they were all so fired up about it. That’s why they were all so desperate for you and everybody else to wear them.

It’s important we have our heads around that because it will help us avoid letting them do it again in the future.

It wasn’t just about control.

It wasn’t just about dividing and dehumanizing us.

It was the primary reason they made everyone wear them, and it’s important we never let them do that to us again.
Hrand Tookman is a Cleveland, Ohio native with a background in interpersonal communications

Why do liberals love masks?

The same liberals who love mask mandates are quick to insist on “bodily autonomy” when it comes to risky sex practices, abortion and drugs. They don’t want to be told about restrictions on those behaviors. But when it comes to mask mandates, their interest in “bodily autonomy” ends, and not just for them — for everyone.

College students are known for being anti-authority, which helps to explain their disdain for cops and the clergy. Yet they bow to the authority wielded by campus administrators and faculty.

How to explain these apparent inconsistencies?

Sex is fun. Drugs are fun. Liberals reason that the risks outweigh the fun. The same is not true of mask wearing: no one is deprived of fun by wearing one, and it may keep us healthy, without which there can be no fun.

Cops and the clergy pass judgments on conduct that many college students find unobjectionable. Professors promote postmodernist ideas that are seen as nonjudgmental—there is no such thing as truth and we should be free to experiment with our bodies—notions that facilitate the prospects of fun.

Rights free us to do what we want; responsibilities burden us. The former is attractive to narcissists, not the latter.
Dr. Bill Donohue is president and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

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