Week-ends (04/16/22)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Egard Watches

Georgia restaurant owner

Brett Phillips

Judy Bannon

3 Green Bay women


Frank James



Middleton (WI) High School

Seattle area school district


“People say they want this stuff. Then we do it and the park loses half its guests in a single afternoon. People just started walking out when Ariel came out waving a Pride Flag.”
Disney CEO Joe Barron

“President Joe Biden just set another record: The worst inflation since 1981, as consumer prices climbed a staggering 8.5% over the 12 months ending in March. That’s our sixth straight month of inflation above 6%, and our 11th straight month above 5%. The White House response? A waiver to allow usually banned sales of high-ethanol gasoline over the summer, which impacts only the gas sold at 2,300 gas stations nationwide, out of around 150,000 total. Pathetic.”

New York Post editorial board

“At a time when the world is facing a greater risk of severe famine, President Biden wants to put more corn into our automobiles. This is a stupid policy announced by a stupid man who is surrounded by stupid advisers.”
Jim Geraghty

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But I knew the person I nominated would be put through a painful and difficult confirmation process. But I have to tell ya: What Judge Jackson was put through was well beyond that. There was verbal abuse. The anger. The constant interruptions. Most vile, baseless assertions and accusations.”
Joe Biden

“Schools are quick to blame everyone and everything but themselves for the failures of American education. To them, every bad teacher is the exception and every bad parent is the rule.”
Thomas Sowell

“I mean I’m fit and healthy, but I don’t need any help to make myself slow-thinking. That being said, you know we’ve legalized recreational marijuana and we haven’t seen any increase in teenage consumption, teenage experimentation or overall consumption.

“Everything we’ve seen so far — I mean alcohol’s harmful, but people who use alcohol are relaxed. I think it’s comparable.

I do “not need any help to make myself slow-thinking.”
Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) when asked about the recent House vote to legalize marijuana (cannabis) and whether he used the drug

“People say to me, ‘Don’t you think you’ve gotten more conservative?’ No, I haven’t. The Left has gotten goofier. So, I seem more conservative, maybe. But like, it’s not me who changed. I feel I’m the same guy, but five years ago we hadn’t spent $6 trillion to stay home. … Five years ago, no one was talking about abolishing the police. There was no talk about pregnant men. I mean, looting was still illegal. … [Democrats are] going to get their a** kicked in November.”
Bill Maher

“My parents had been together for 36, 37 years now, and it’s a beautiful thing. I grew up in a three-parent household — my mom, my father and my grandmother. And I knew what a woman was. Not a bad b—-. A woman.” A “bad b—-” was a person who “looked the part” but didn’t “act the part.

“And it’s a lot of women who are bad b—-es and I say ‘b—-es’ in a way not to degrade a woman but just to go off the aesthetic of what they deem as a ‘boss chick.’ A woman for me is handling your own but knowing how to cater to a man’s needs. I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of like ‘I’m a boss b—-, I’m a this, I’m a that,’ no baby. But you can’t cook. You don’t know when to be quiet. You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”


ICE Wasted Roughly $17 Million On Hotel Rooms For Illegal Immigrants

Teachers ‘Are Abusing Kids Mentally and Using Sex To Do So’


While Everyone Else Is Kicking Themselves For Voting For Biden, College-Educated Women Are Doubling Down

The media can’t seem (or doesn’t want) to figure out Frank James’ motivation


Covid ‘surging’


Teenage gorilla at Chicago zoo getting too much screen time

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