It won’t be Demi Lovato all over again. Still…

I’ve written in the past about my years working backstage at the Main Stage of the WI State Fair. Met some great and some not so great performers.  And collected a ton of memories.

Sunday, August 9, 2009. The top act that day was a 16 year old newcomer who was already a big star: singer Demi Lovato.

Backstage security folks knew what we were in for. As I recall Lovato might drawn the biggest crowd of the Fair. That meant 13,000 screaming tweens, practically all girls, with some reluctant fathers forced to escort them tossed in who were mighty grateful that a beer truck had been placed on the Fair’s racetrack next to the seating area.

It didn’t take long before it loud, very loud.

I post a portion of this terrible amateur video shot by a fan to demonstrate the raucous atmosphere, not unusual for a concert filled with young kids.

Imagine close to two hours of that junk. Yes, I hear you. FOGEY ALERT!

I mention this trip down Memory Lane because our family will be attending a show Saturday night by the internationally known group and I’m happy say our friends, The Byrne Brothers. We met them last August at Irish Fest in La Crosse and have corresponded with the band ever since.

Let’s be clear I’m not expecting decibel shattering music Saturday that will require earplugs like the ones I wore during Demi Lovato back in the day. The venue is much smaller than State Fair. Intimate. And that can easily generate volume.

I won’t mind. The Byrne Brothers are a top notch family. The kids in the audience will be super. It promises to be exciting.

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