You think there’s grooming going on? You must be a bigot

The website Empower Wisconsin is reporting:

Last week’s Middleton High School’s Fine Arts Week culminated with a song and dance performance by French teacher Matthew Kashdan — in drag.

Kashdan strutted onto the auditorium stage in a high-cut, blue sequined dress, red boots and blond wig, lip-syncing and dancing to “Rain on Me” by pop divas Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. It was all a surprise to the assembled students.

The performance was captured on video and sent to conservative talk show host Vicki McKenna.

Kashdan’s act is not sitting well with parents who believe public schools aren’t the place for drag queen cotillions.

“I send my children to school and entrust them to teachers that I have to believe are professionals who won’t destroy their innocence for their own pleasure,” a Middleton-Cross Plains Area Schools parent wrote in an email alerting McKenna. “If MATTHEW KASHDAN makes a decision to perform his drag show at school, what else does he do in his classroom with a roomful of children? What kind of educators thought this was appropriate? Drag shows are “fine arts”?  If a teacher is a pole dancer or stripper, can they also perform for my children?”

“I don’t care what MATTHEW KASHDAN does outside of school. I DO CARE what he does at Middleton High School,” the parent added.

The mainstream media, not surprisingly, has yet to pick up on the story.

And check out the last sentence in the Empower Wisconsin article:

The latest flap comes as the school district mulls another referendum, including money for teachers raises to keep up with soaring inflation.

Good luck with that.

Making matters worse Shannon Valladolid, the school district’s director of Information and Public Relations, reportedly admitted that all staff performances were reviewed by the high school’s teaching faculty. 

And just as an FYI…

Last week Gov. Tony Evers  announced nearly every school district across the state, including more than 450 local education agencies, was  awarded funds through the governor’s $15 million “Get Kids Ahead” initiative. Schools can use these funds to provide direct mental healthcare, hire and support mental health navigators, provide mental health first aid and trauma-based care training, or provide family assistance programs.

“We know that long before the pandemic hit, kids across our state were already facing immense challenges with their mental health, but as parents and educators are seeing firsthand, these challenges have only been made worse by the isolating and traumatic events of the past two years,” said Gov. Evers. “These funds will go directly towards whatever mental health support and services our kids need so they can be successful both in and out of the classroom to help them grow, learn, and get ahead.”

Every public school district in the state was eligible to opt in to receive these funds and was guaranteed to receive a minimum of $10,000. The remainder of the funds were allocated on a per-pupil basis. Roughly $15-million was distributed to more than 450 school districts and agencies. That’s an average of more than $33,000 per eligible recipient.

According to an Evers news release the Middleton –Cross Plains Area School District received $107,760.

No word on whether any of that $107,760 will be used to support any student traumatized by the drag queen performance.

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