UPDATE: So what propelled Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon to her win Tuesday?

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The update:

I came up short in my campaign to be a Milwaukee County Supervisor in District 9 in the election on April 5, 51% – 49%. With approximately, 8081 votes cast, I lost by 197 votes. My opponent received 4139 votes and I had 3942 votes.

Also, I’m proud that I stuck to the fact that the County Supervisor Election was a nonpartisan race, and I reached out to Independents, Republicans, and Democrats throughout the campaign. I held to the spirit of a nonpartisanship election in this 14th campaign. My record is eight wins and six losses to date.

In addition, I had widespread support from elected officials throughout District 9 who publicly endorsed me over my opponent, who is Republican, and they were Republicans themselves.

Please allow me to indulge you a bit more about the election.

My opponent was so nervous about the election that the people in her camp gave old lies to a local radio entertainer a week before the election. Then, he trashes me for over ten minutes on his daily program.

The radio host was reading FB posts of mine where I was highly critical of Republicans going as far back as seven years ago. I have a long history of criticizing Democrats, but that didn’t fit in their box.

His point was that I’m a phony with my reaching out to Republicans during this election campaign and posting pictures on my website. I posted similar pictures on FB with well-known elected Democrats, too.

And one day before the election, a Whitnall School Board member and Cantor at St. Mary Catholic Faith Community shared the post from the radio entertainer from six days before on the Franklin Area Community FB page (13,000) members, along with stirring up the old rumors in Hales Corners. The smaller the Village the bigger the rumor.

Well, this strategy worked. But unfortunately, I lost Franklin by 109 votes and Hales Corners by three votes. However, I did win Greenfield by 44 votes.

The bottom line is I intend to continually work to bring people together regardless of political affiliation and ideology, and I have been doing this work for a very long time.

So much for a nonpartisan election.

Thanks again for your friendship and support.

Onward and forward!



Donald G. Schwartz

Candidate, Milwaukee County Supervisor, District 9


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