Franklin taxpayers, just so you know

I’m afraid a lot of folks have no idea that a group obsessed with destroying Franklin’s business climate has filed a second lawsuit against the city, this time with Uncle Sam.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Franklin Community Advocates is alleging the City of Franklin “sells out (its) citizens” in a new federal lawsuit.

The filing comes amid an ongoing lawsuit against the city, also filed by FCA, related to the previously proposed 153,035 square-foot meatpacking plant from Strauss Brands on Loomis Road and Monarch Drive.

FCA filed the new federal court action on April 2 outlining what it called “favored treatment of private developers at the expense of the taxpayers,” especially the “many  (community) members who live near the formerly planned Strauss slaughterhouse project,” said the group’s attorney, Joe Cincotta, in a news release.

Residents hell bent on preventing the expansion of Strauss Brands in Franklin, armed with much disinformation, are a miserable lot. Never happy. Never do or talk about anything fun. What an utterly dismal existence.

They don’t like you. I don’t even think they like themselves. And they certainly can’t stand the city they call home.

If Strauss doesn’t grow in Franklin, which looks more and more like it won’t, that means lost jobs. And lost annual property tax revenue…a lot.

Suppose the anti-Strauss crowd wins their federal lawsuit. Who pays all those legal expenses? You do, fellow taxpayers.

Just so you know.

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