Culinary no-no #732


My lovely wife, Jennifer is not a wine snob. But she loves wine.

I’ve blogged that she is a definite connoisseur, oenophile, slave to the grape.

She even owns this Christine Alexander top:

Jennifer’s female friends also have a unanimous admiration for wine. They get absolutely gleeful on Facebook when they share memes and what not about their favorite adult beverage.

Jennifer is no highbrow.  However, she can just by tasting determine which bottle purchased at Sendik’s was $10.99 as opposed to the one at $21.99.

You’ve read the papers. Americans need wine because they’re riled up.

Inflation, which increased 7.9% from February 2021 to February 2022, is top of mind for voters. In a poll by NBC News 35% of people said cost of living is the first or second most important issue to the country.

So I asked Jennifer today if she’s noticed any impact on wine price tags. Her answer: Absolutely not. Not even a penny.


Kristen Bieler is a senior editor at Wine Spectator. She writes:

Wine has been largely absent from the raging debate over inflation in recent months. While the wholesale price of beef is up by 20 percent and gas costs are at their highest level in seven years, a bottle of wine has been one of the few products consumers could count on to stay stable.

But Jennifer may have spoken too soon. Bieler continues:

Because grapes are harvested just once a year and wine reaches the market through a multitier distribution network, price pressures have simply not caught up to consumers yet. When they do, the perfect storm of inflation (up 6.2 percent in the United States in the past year, the highest rate in decades), supply chain bottlenecks, a small global grape harvest and and a surge in demand will mean consumers should brace themselves for spikes in wine prices.

I also asked Jennifer if she’s cool with wine in a box. “I don’t have a problem with it.”

That’s good. She may have to get a bit more used to that packaging.

Seems the glass in wine bottles is one of several factors that can and probably will send up price, and not just slightly. Try 20%.

Read all about it here.


Speaking of wine…

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