Serial cheater Tiger Woods. The Masters. Augusta, GA. Why do we care?

We live in a society where athletes and actors and all manner of undeserving celebutantes — who are famous for being famous — take up far too much of our time, of our energy and of our water cooler chat. At what point did a guy who putts a little white ball into a little hole on a big lawn become such a paragon of virtue, so much so that when the fall came, as it did with a big thud in the case of Tiger Woods, we launch ourselves into a media frenzy of speculation and titillation.

Why do we care? And why do we worship celebrities, inventing false idols, instead of those among us who really make a difference in our lives: the doctors, and caretakers, and inventors, the people who teach our children and the people who quietly help to make life better for others? And what does it all say about modern society?

—Shelley Fralic, the Vancouver Sun, April 7, 2010

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