Bob Donovan lost. Now what?

A few weeks ago my wife, daughter, and I dined at The Packing House on Milwaukee’s south side near the airport on a typically busy Friday evening.

On our way out we passed a lone Milwaukee Police Officer waiting for a carryout order and we got into a brief conversation.

Paraphrasing I said to the officer, ‘I know you can’t say much but I bet you guys are paying close attention to a certain election and candidate.’

“Oh yes we are,” he immediately replied with a bit of a smile.

There was no question who the officer was supporting.

Sadly, the city of Milwaukee’s hope for quality leadership went up in smoke like a peaceful protest in Minneapolis with Bob Donovan’s huge defeat.

The news media could care less about Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s agenda, only that he belongs to a particular race.

So what lies ahead now for Milwaukee? It’s almost predictable.

Potentially more record homicides.

More violent crime.

More carjackings.

More youth out of control.

Cuts to the police force.

Deteriorating police morale.

Cries of “Stop the Violence.”

Candlelight vigils (Like those will help).

Proposed gun buyback programs (Ditto).

We must have gun control.

Legislators will reject calls for gun control.

Those legislators will be labeled ‘racist.’

So will anyone in authority who questions Mayor Johnson.

Finally, when it comes to public safety in general, nothing will get better. Why? Because Milwaukee had its opportunity, and blew it.

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