The biggest winner in Franklin’s elections Tuesday?

It could very well have been…

And he wasn’t even on the ballot.

With the departure of Franklin’s “Alderman NO” Dan Mayer (2nd only to Kristen Wilhelm as the worst member on the Common Council) and the election of Michelle Eichmann, Franklin Mayor Steve Olson now has an additional ally to rely on.

Eichmann’s victory provides the potential of a 4-2 council bloc to thwart Wilhelm who despises Olson and Alderman John Nelson who can’t be trusted. Olson has a pro-growth agenda that four council members now share. The other two do not.

Under Olson (like him or not and I occasionally spar with my friend) Franklin is undergoing the greatest growth in the city’s history. Three council candidates on the ballot Tuesday wanted to stand in the doorway of progress and be obstructionists. They were all defeated.

 In what might have been the most critical election in Franklin ever, Olson came out on top. So with Ed Holpfer, Mike Barber, and Michelle Eichmann, he gets my congratulations as well.

UPDATE: Olson’s gracious post-election Facebook comments

The voters of Franklin have made their choices.

Congratulations to Ed Holpfer (District 1), Michelle Eichmann (District 2) and Mike Barber (District 5) on being selected by your constituents to represent them for the next three years.

I thank Debbie Davis (District 1), Jamie Groark (District 2) and Marcellino Rivera III (District 5) for stepping up and running for public office. In today’s political world, stepping up means opening yourself and your family up to some exciting and good experiences but also some unpleasantness. Putting your name on the ballot made our community better by making more conversation.

Congratulations to Patty Logsdon and Steve Taylor who will represent us at the County Board.

So Wednesday morning we carry on with the business of the city. Managing our development, assuring the health and safety of our community and making sure the infrastructure provides necessary services. We’ll move forward with the many issues facing our growing community all with the goal of improving your quality of life and value of your community.

To the voters, thank you for expressing your will. It’s your participation that assures a strong and responsive government. Thank you for your effort.

As always, should you need any city services or information, please contact your alderman, me or any city staff.

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