So what propelled Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon to her win Tuesday?

Was it Logsdon’s outstanding record?

Good God no.

Supported a sales tax referendum to increase the county sales.

Wanted to provide free phone and video calls to county inmates.

Wanted to manufacture hemp in the Mitchell Park Domes.

Supported a wasteful $200,000 noise study at Franklin’s #1 destination location, the Rock. Supported a meaningless resolution to ask the federal government to provide a path for citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Sat back and did nothing to prevent the continued closing of the Hales Corners pool.

This is a conservative?

Did she win because she was so superior to her opponent?

Read all of the above again.

Was her victory thanks to the tremendous support she enjoys in her district?

She won by a couple percentage points.

Can she credit her captivating, charming, dazzling personality and keen ability to persuade and win over her board colleagues?

Are you kidding me?

If I had to choose one factor that doomed Don Schwartz in his effort to oust Logsdon it was Newstalk 1130 WISN’s Mark Belling and his blistering and truthful blasting of Schwartz on his program the Tuesday exactly one week before the election.

Belling read verbatim vicious remarks made by Schwartz against Republicans. I don’t blame Belling. The ugly material was like manna from heaven for a talk show host. Belling certainly had to run with it.
WISN is a 50-thousand watt radio station. Belling has a gigantic audience. Never mentioned Logsdon at all. Didn’t have to. He may as well have taken a dagger and plunged it himself into Schwartz’s heart.

And in case some concerned voters didn’t hear Belling’s verbal assault, enter Karen Mikolainis. She’s a member of the Whitnall School Board (where she won again last night) and a dear friend of the do-nothing Logsdon. I like and respect Mikolainis. I really do. And that’s why I was taken aback by her ploy on social media this week.

On Monday, the eve of the election, Mikolainis conveniently decided to post the podcast of the Belling program on her Facebook page. Nothing wrong with that. But I was stunned at this tactic by Mikolainis who always tries to portray herself as a little goody two shoes.

Mikolainis wrote, “And in some ways I feel bad sharing this radio piece about Don..”

No she didn’t. That’s baloney.

What she did was dastardly and out of her character, which completely surprised.

People who were unaware of the Belling broadcast said it influenced them to vote for Logsdon.

Belling has thousands and thousands of listeners. It appears Logsdon may have won by a couple hundred votes. You don’t have to be a math major to connect the dots.

Folks who underestimate what happened here:

A) Don’t understand the power of talk radio

B) Don’t understand the power of talk radio in this market

C) Don’t grasp the impact of Belling

D) Are totally naïve

Throw in that Schwartz in all honesty wasn’t the strongest candidate who even struggled in his hometown of Hales Corners and you had an inferior incumbent who managed to pull it out.

As for Karen Mikolainis, might want to consider removing the halo. No longer fits.

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