Patti Logsdon’s lame explanation on the blue fist

Have you seen the memes about Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon sponsored by Friends of Steve Taylor? They show Logsdon at a Milwaukee County Board meeting with a picture of the blue fist union symbol behind her. The photo is genuine. It has not been doctored.

I blogged about Logsdon and the graphic last summer.

Then last August Logsdon confronted me after I had finished emceeing an event for the Milwaukee County Republican Party (which BTW Logsdon worked feverishly behind the scenes to get me dumped as emcee, but failed). The subject of the blue fist came up and I blogged about our encounter.

“I’ve been hearing that you’ve been writing and saying nasty things about me. I know who you’re friends with.” She complained that I never call her or request her comment. I informed Logsdon that I stopped trying to correspond because I didn’t have to and also because she never replies anyway.

“But since you brought up the subject and decided to jump me right after a three-hour event,” I said I would answer her.

I reiterated the fact she was the beneficiary of thousands and thousands of Chris Abele dollars (people claim they despise that crap but research clearly indicates it works).

“You ran a dirty campaign” I said emphatically. 
Logsdon’s facial reaction matched this. She then played dumb, asserting she had nothing to do with Abele’s negative lit pieces. I would have none of that.

I blasted her saying she never publically denounced or condemned the brochures, making her complicit.

I also raised the issue of the blue fist background. Again came the fake innocence.

“That was my aide” who was responsible. Who did she think she was messing with?

Your aide works for you, I fired back. You had to be aware. You could see the image on the screen. How could you not know? And if your aide was responsible then he/ she needed to be fired.

Realizing I preferred not having a prolonged argument I generally questioned her conservative credentials. A true conservative would not have remained silent during the Abele smear jobs and would not have allowed the Blue Fist. Logsdon’s response:

“My parents think I’m a good conservative.”

Months later Logsdon has come out of her cave and has an entirely different explanation for the blue fist.

Does Logsdon think we’re stupid? Surely she, like all the other supervisors, had to be aware and know in advance which background would be used for that particular meeting. Also she can clearly see during the virtual meeting the background on the screen and could have directed it be taken down. Instead, she let it stay and now wants us to believe, once again, that she had nothing to do with the incident.

The vote Tuesday for supervisor is not Logsdon. It’s Don Schwartz.

One thought on “Patti Logsdon’s lame explanation on the blue fist

  1. Are you kidding this women should not be in office for anything. If anyone knows her she is a back stabbing person her whole life. She will only do what good for Patti! Please move on to another career. You should not be in politics ever!


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