My thoughts on Franklin’s Common Council races

The elections are Tuesday.


Incumbent Alderman Ed Holpfer
Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis comes across pleasant enough, especially at Common Council meetings where she’s testified. But that’s nowhere good enough.

Franklin is experiencing historic growth like never before. Davis opposes efforts to continue to move the city forward.

I’m told that she publically posted information supporting socialist kook Bernie Sanders. But after deciding to run for the Common Council those posts disappeared. She’s clearly out of touch with the majority of Franklin voters.

As for the incumbent, read what Ed Holpfer wrote when he ran for former Alderman Mike Dandrea’s vacated seat:

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Honorable Members of the Franklin Common Council, I am writing to inform you of my interest in filling the unexpired term of first district alderman Mark Dandrea. This December marks my fortieth year as a Franklin resident in the first aldermanic district. During those forty years I have been actively involved and engaged with the community as it has grown to what we know today.

I have had the distinct pleasure of serving on a variety of boards, commissions, and Ad-hoc committees under five different mayors. Each mayor, and council, had their own priorities, plans, and style of governing. During each administration I was successful in developing a level of trust, confidence, and competency to move various agendas and projects forward. I’ve had the opportunity to work with both likeminded individuals as well as those with differing ideas and opinions. I believe that I have demonstrated the ability to build consensus through mutual trust and respect while working to meet the needs and wants of the greater community.

 I bring diverse career experiences, from multiple industries, ranging from entry level laborer to executive level management and owning and operating several of my own businesses. These experiences allow me to see issues from many different sides, offering a broader perspective to my decision-making process. A large part of my career experience comes from managing three different chambers of commerce, including the formation of the Franklin Chamber, now the South Suburban chamber. I also served as the President of the West Allis chamber, and currently serve as the President CEO of the New Berlin Chamber. These experiences gave me the opportunity to work with three distinct municipalities, in two separate counties. It was a great opportunity to see how other cities and counties are run and to evaluate what works well and what does not.

I believe my experience, acquired skill set, and knowledge of city history would help me effectively serve Franklin’s citizens. I seek to represent my fellow residents in the first district while always acting in the best interest of the community as a whole. I submit a brief history of my past Franklin involvement for your review.

 I thank you for considering me for this opportunity to serve.


 Edward H Holpfer

• Southbrook Church, Franklin
• Chairman Southbrook site acquisition and building committee

Civic Groups

• Franklin Jaycees, past President and Chairman
• Franklin Chamber of Commerce, Charter Member – 1° President, Chairman
• Franklin Educational Foundation — Charter Member. Secured $50,000 donation for computer lab at the middle school Franklin Boards, Commissions, Ad-hoc Committees
• Board of Public Works
• Stormwater Management Taskforce
• Boards and Commissions Review Taskforce
• Facility Needs Study Taskforce – Chairman
• Civic Celebrations Commission – Fundraising Chairman
• Franklin Library Building Committee
• Civic Center Taskforce
• Community Development Authority-Vice Chair
• Tourism Commission

Additional Franklin Experience
As Chairman of the Southbrook Site acquisition committee, I directed the search, acquisition, site plan development, and successful rezoning process of 18 acres of land in Franklin. I have direct experience in the entire process of working with the city in regard to development and rezoning of land.

Franklin Public School District
• Past School Board Member
• School Referendum Taskforce
• School Strategic Planning for Ben Franklin Elementary

Additionally, I have experience on boards and committees in both West Allis and New Berlin and served on the Legislative Committee for the Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aged.
The choice is clear: ED HOLPFER IN THE 1ST


Michelle Eichmann
Jamie Groark

Groark, a teacher, has offered several views on education leading me to think she’d have been better off running for school board. She’s certainly green on city matters.

Her inability to distinguish the difference between the city tax rate and the property tax levy spoke volumes.

Groark has aligned herself with Franklin’s hateful Leftists and the incredibly inept Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon.

Eichmann has experience running for office. She’s smart. Conscientious. And pro-growth, exactly what Franklin needs.

The choice in the 2nd: MICHELLE EICHMANN


Incumbent Alderman Mike Barber
Marcelino Rivera III

Rivera is the most flawed candidate on the entire ballot. Other than disgraced recalled Basil Ryan he’s the most flawed candidate to run in Franklin since I first moved here in 1992.

His “I’m not suing the city” excuse doesn’t fly. He was instrumental in forming and leading the group that is now in court fighting the city and the proposed Strauss expansion. The legal action is costing the city thousands and thousands of dollars in lost tax revenue every month.

How can you seek to represent the city you’ve chosen to sue? It’s preposterous.

Rivera, a proponent of a code of conduct for city personnel, has also demonstrated unprofessional conduct at public meetings. He’d be an untrustworthy horrible council member.

The choice in the 5th: MIKE BARBER

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