Columnist confused about definition of a woman, and it’s a hoot

One of my favorite writers is humor columnist Tom Purcell. He’s so good he took the most serious controversy as of late (no, not the Oscars slap) and indeed put an amusing spin on the matter.

I’ll share but first, this musical prelude from Bette Midler and Linda Ronstadt.

Back to Purcell. Good columnists often rely on personal life experiences to inspire and serve as impetus for their writing. Purcell uses this technique frequently and does it well. In Purcell’s latest column he concedes bewilderment over the contentious debate about a Supreme Court Justice nominee’s inability (or unwillingness) to answer an extremely elementary question.

I’m glad there’s widespread confusion about what a woman is. I’ve been confused my entire life.

I was raised an only boy with five sisters.

I love my sisters, and we had lots of laughter growing up in our lively house, but I was an agitation to them most of the time — especially when I got caught using their toothbrushes.

They refused to sit next to their “icky, stinky” brother in our station wagon, so my dad banished me to the third seat — the one that faced backwards, which kept me in a perpetual state of motion sickness.

Good stuff. What’s that old expression? Laughter is the best medicine? Check it out.

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