Whine, whine, whine

Interesting segment on Steve Scaffidi’s program on WTMJ radio this morning.

Wait a minute, Kev. I thought you don’t listen to that guy?

Not much. But I made an exception today because Franklin Mayor Steve Olson was on along with the mayors of West Allis and Cudahy.

The opening portion dealt with the first softball question of many tossed by Scaffidi: How in the world do you poor guys deal with financing city government? (My paraphrasing, not Scaffidi’s exact question).

Look. I’ve lived in Franklin for 30 years. There are three certainties in life I’m firmly aware of:

1) Death

2) Taxes

3) Mayor Olson will blame state government…for everything!

Constantly. Consistently. So when Scaffidi fed Steve a big fat juicy meatball right down the middle of the plate he took a swing.

Whine, whine, whine.

The state doesn’t do enough.

The state doesn’t give us enough aid.

The state doesn’t listen.

I talk with my state Senator a lot (That would be Julian Bradley but Olson never identified him specifically).

And even then the information doesn’t get to people who can do something about it.

For the record the other mayors also played crybaby.

Later in the program Scaffidi asked the mayors why they wanted to get in the game and be mayors. Do something for their communities was the popular and unanimous response. Do something…as in…moan that another unit of government isn’t bailing you out?

The blame the state game a la Olson got old and tiresome 20 years ago.

ALSO, each mayor was allowed to give 30 seconds as to why people should visit or consider their cities.

Olson rattled off, in order: Great place to grow families and businesses; lots of new homes going up; two new industrial parks; wonderful schools and parks.

All very good answers. But Scaffidi interjected at this point and brought up:

Ballpark Commons, the ROCK complex.


I think Steve should have found a way to highlight that one before the host had to.

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