My Most Popular Blogs (03/28/22)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) What can and could be done about Franklin business bashing Patti Logsdon

2) Franklin Aldermanic District #5 residents, if Marcelino Rivera knocks on your door this weekend…

3) Kyla, we asked, and you didn’t listen

4) Today’s highly interesting read (03/22/22): The Fish Fry, an Institution of Rooted America

5) Franklin aldermanic candidate needs an education on the ‘tax rate’

6) Franklin: The State of the City

7) What stupid thing did WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi say today?

8) Veterans will lose a great friend when Assemblyman Ken Skowronski retires

9) Say ‘cheese!’ Mayor Olson to present State of the City address

10) Have you noticed what Gov. Evers is doing to try to win re-election?

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