Franklin’s worst candidate on the April ballot is an embarrassment

Marcelino Rivera III, the most flawed candidate in Franklin’s April 5th election, advocates for a code of conduct that not only elected officials should adhere to, but private citizens as well.

At a Common Council meeting Rivera wasted precious citizen comment period time to testify “a blogger” (that would be me) “stole the city logo.” How awful. I actually dared to post Franklin’s logo. Just stole it right from one of the numerous places you can find it on the Internet. Yes, folks, I am evil.

Now I ask you. Shouldn’t Rivera practice what he preaches?

Case in point. At the Franklin Plan Commission meeting of October 8, 2020, Rivera and many others testified about the proposed Strauss Meats expansion.

The citizen comment rules are clear. Speakers are limited to three minutes.

Watch as a bell goes off indicating Rivera’s time is up and is informed as such by Mayor Steve Olson. Conduct.

(No need to watch the entire video after the Rivera portion)

So, to reiterate, after his three-minute time limit was up Rivera refused to leave and had to be escorted away by a police officer. When Rivera went out into the crowded hallway he immediately began talking with my Common Council rep, the absolute worst member on the council, Kristen Wilhelm who started giving him counsel. Lots of people saw them conversing.

It’s clear what Wilhelm told Rivera to do. About 10 minutes later in the hearing Rivera went up to the microphone a second time, attempting to testify again, clearly against the rules. Conduct.

As you saw and heard Rivera, not once but twice he refused to obey well-known guidelines and exhibited what I and many others would consider bad conduct. So bad a police officer had to intervene, twice. Whatever the omnipotent Kristen Wilhelm told him in the hallway that night proved to be horrible advice.

And this guy wants to be an alderman, adopt a Code of Conduct, and resurrect the old Ethics Board? Plus he engineered the current lawsuit vs. Franklin regarding Strauss, costing the city thousands and thousands of dollars.

The vote on April 5 in District 5 is for Mike Barber. Franklin can’t afford his ridiculous opponent.

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3 thoughts on “Franklin’s worst candidate on the April ballot is an embarrassment

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