Franklin students are back at it today, and so are their bus drivers

Kyla boards her bus on September 1, 2020.

This has been going around on Facebook for a long time I’m sure. But I just recently stumbled upon it.

If you don’t know someone personally that drives a school bus, let me introduce you!

Bus drivers get up crazy early. They make sure the bus is safe for the students to pick up & take home. They have their head on a swivel for 6+ hours watching out for the millions of other drivers who can’t see the big yellow bus OR the students crossing the road. They carry the safety of ALL students on their shoulders, they are SO MUCH MORE!

They tie shoes, fix zippers & backpacks. Pick up a spilled lunch (or clean up a sick tummy mess).

They care deeply, form bonds of trust, set expectations, give praise.

Show concern & empathy, enjoy the silly jokes. Worry about the sadness on faces, miss an absent child or morn who moved without a word.

Prays for them, laughs with them, hurts with them.

Just to get up and do it again the next day. Many people don’t realize how emotional, stressful, consuming, and rewarding it is.

What a privilege it is to be a school bus driver. Huge shout out to my fellow brothers and sisters that care enough, are brave enough and can love enough to do this job! Thank you!

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