What can and could be done about Franklin business bashing Patti Logsdon

In 2019 the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) presented ROC Ventures of Franklin with the Public Private Partnership award for their Ballpark Commons project.

Ballpark Commons includes the 4,000-seat baseball stadium, Franklin Field, home to the Milwaukee Milkmen of the American Association of Professional Baseball, more than 75,000 sq. ft. of commercial and retail space, a 5-building, 265-unit luxury apartment complex, and more to come.

By far it is Franklin’s most popular destination and most critical economic development component.

Read all about the award here.

From day one Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon (who represents part of Franklin) has opposed ROC Ventures and any and all surrounding businesses. Logsdon has gone so far as to publically voice her criticisms at events attended by the business people she bashes. Her viewpoints and behavior are, to me and I would think ROC Ventures supporters completely out of line. For as long as I’ve been in politics this conduct of an elected politician blasting one of Franklin’s finest corporate entities is unconscionable. Logsdon’s ridiculous anti-Franklin outbursts are well known amongst movers and shakers in the community.

Speaking only for myself, if I had my druthers, in the time that’s left between now and the April election, Franklin’s business community would band together and issue a public reprimand of Logsdon and her negativity towards good and solid job-creating business people.

Such action would not be unprecedented. During the Strauss debate back in 2020 the entire Franklin Business Park Consortium wrote a respectful letter to Mayor Olson and all members of the Common Council urging support for business growth. How does a county board supervisor shooting off her mouth in public ripping good business owners accomplish that goal?

Ideally I’d love to see the people Logsdon lashed out at strike back. Doesn’t have to be harsh or edgy. Just call Logsdon out, say it’s not necessary, and ask her to stop.

I get it’s much easier for a provocative blogger to go off. And I get that said businesses may want to stay out of the action, stay above the fray, and not come off as picking a favorite since they have to work with whoever wins in April. But a huge part of me says this is a story that needs to be told. There are and need to be consequences for such politically foolish shenanigans by Logsdon.

But again, that’s just me and my wishful thinking.

In the event I don’t get my wish I urge voters in County Board District 9 to vote for Logsdon’s opponent on April 5, businessman Donald G. Schwartz, a trustee on the Hales Corners Village Board. 

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6 thoughts on “What can and could be done about Franklin business bashing Patti Logsdon

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  2. Stop already!!! This is your side of the story. Patti Logsdon had the backbone to listen and speak up for the neighbors who owned their homes for more than 40 years. Patti just wants to see this project run ethically. She is a good person so please stop the bashing. We are all Gods children.


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