Week-ends (03/26/22)

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Michels family

Memphis couple

National Medal of Honor Day


Nashville school board member



“The only way to remove President Biden is by his death, resignation, impeachment or disability under the 25th Amendment.”
James Bopp, an attorney representing the leader of Assembly Republicans’ review of the 2020 election said Thursday decertifying President Joe Biden’s Wisconsin victory was pointless and impossible

“This is a farce. Lia Thomas is not the women’s champion and has some nerve standing there pretending to be.”
Megyn Kelly

“By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud. In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota’s Emma Weyant as the best women’s swimmer in the 500y freestyle.”
Governor Ron DeSantis

“A number of swimsuits are banned from competition for giving athletes unfair advantage. But today, biological men, who have much more advantage than a suit, are allowed to compete against women.”
Katie Pavlich

“Richard Levine spent 54 years of his life as man. He had a wife and a family. He ‘transitioned’ to being a woman in 2011, Joe Biden appointed Levine to be a 4-Star Admiral and now USA Today has named ‘Rachel’ Levine as a ‘Woman of the Year.’ Where are the feminists??”
Charlie Kirk, whose tweet got him locked out of Twitter

“The idea that Rachel Levine is not a man is a bizarre religious belief that flies in the face not just of science but basic rationality. Is this the only religious belief Twitter says you must respect or are there others? Will Twitter ban people for saying Jesus is not the son of God because that directly attacks the identity of Christians?”
Frank J. Fleming

“I’m not a biologist.”
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson replied to Tennessee GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn after the judge was asked to provide a definition for the word “woman.”

“When does life begin, in your opinion.”

“Senator… um… I don’t… know.”

“Do you have a belief?”

“I have, um, personal religious and otherwise beliefs that have nothing to do with the law in terms of when life begins.”

“Do you have a personal belief though about when life begins?”

“I have a religious view that I set aside when I am ruling on cases.”

“When does equal protection of the laws attach to a human being?”

“Well Senator, um… I believe that the Supreme Court… um… actually I, I actually don’t know the answer to that question — I’m sorry — I don’t.”

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) questioning Judge Ketanji Brown

“If it’s unclear what a woman is, how does Biden know he’s nominated one?”
Seth Dillon

“You don’t need to be a biologist to define the word woman. Common sense paired with a commitment to truth will do the trick. Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, either lacks common sense or veracity. The absence of either should disqualify her from a seat on the court.

“Thomas Jefferson could provide a definition for the word woman. He knew that slavery was wrong. He wrote founding documents that doomed the institution of American slavery. He did this because he believed his life purpose was to pursue a life in accordance with biblical principles and values. He valued the truth, even the truths that damned him.

“Brown Jackson doesn’t value the truth. That makes her unfit for the Supreme Court. She’s an activist who will collaborate with the activists who want to dismantle the Constitution and write one that favors people in search of their true will.”
Columnist Jason Whitlock

“The Biden administration is committed to these soft-on-crime policies. Liberal judges who have more sympathy for the victimizers than for the victims are a big part of the problem.”
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark

“I think the best way to deter people from getting on a computer and viewing thousands and hundred — and over time, maybe millions, the population as a whole — of children being exploited and abused every time somebody clicks on is to put their a** in jail, not supervise their computer usage.”
Sen. Lindsey Graham tore into Jackson for lenient sentences for child pornographers

“Joe Biden is a great president. He is a gift […] He is perfect…”
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi while visiting the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas

“You simply cannot make this up. She’s one of the faces of the party. She needs to back her guy, but this most diverse, inclusive, and justice-minded administration has gotten us into more crises than ever before. We left Afghanistan in a humiliating fashion that stranded American citizens. They’re still there. We’re not trusted abroad; nations ignore Joe’s calls. We have an inflation crisis. We have a gas price crisis. We have a border crisis. We have a supply chain crisis. And now, we’re dealing with a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Jobs growth is anemic. We’re heading for a full-blown recession in the coming months. Biden’s brand is crisis mismanagement. Biden’s brand is incompetence. Biden’s brand is dementia-laced decisions that don’t do anything. The man can’t solve problems. It’s so astonishingly bad, yet she calls him “perfect.”
Matt Vespa of Townhall.com

“Disney shouldn’t be a vehicle for one demographic’s political activism. It’s so much bigger and more important than that. More than ever, the world needs things that we can unite around. That’s the most valuable role The Walt Disney Company could play in the world at this time. It’s a role we’ve played for nearly a century, and it would be a shame to throw all of that away in the face of left-wing political pressure. Please don’t let Disney become just another thing we divide over.”
An open letter to Disney from anonymous conservative employees

“Parents for thousands of years have lived without Disney. … I promise you, if you turn your company into a propaganda tool specifically designed to indoctrinate my kids into your values, I will not use Disney products anymore. It is that simple. And there are a lot of parents who are like me.”
Ben Shapiro

“We didn’t elect Disney to be arbiters of our political views. We pay Disney to entertain our children. If it wants to become political, we can vote with our business by taking it elsewhere.”
Emmy Griffin

 “The Babylon Bee can’t tweet. But the Kremlin can.”
Congressman Jim Jordan

“By the end of two years of President Biden’s presidency, families will be losing more than $6,000 in buying power because of inflation.”
House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy

“I think when all is said and done ‘Don’t Say Gay’ will surpass even ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ as the most pervasive and yet most blatantly and absurdly false narrative in modern American history. It’s a very simple strategy for the Left. They didn’t like the Florida parental rights bill but couldn’t argue against it without sounding like a bunch of perverted freaks, so instead they completely invented a different bill out of thin air and argued against that instead.”
Matt Walsh


CDC overrated COVID deaths


Pandemic relief money spent on anything but


Virginia Thomas corresponded with the White House


Road in London Closes for Nearly a Month to Protect Migrating Toads as They Hop to the Other Side

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