Strauss: It’s not new, but worth repeating

First, some background. From a post I made on FB in October 2020:

Alderman John Nelson voted against the Strauss expansion. Last week the Journal Sentinel reported:

“One of the biggest concerns residents shared was the smell. Alderman John Nelson spoke during the public hearing and suggested the city get an ‘ironclad’ development agreement to make sure any odor issues are ‘addressed with accountability.’ He said residents in the area already deal with smells from a nearby dump and he is worried this could compound that issue.

‘Representatives from Strauss at the plan commission meeting said this facility would house all potential odor-creating elements inside the building. Olson pointed out the city had never received a complaint about a bad smell from Strauss’ current facility.”

Strauss Brands President Jerald Bussen addressed odor in an e-mail to a constituent of Alderman Mike Barber:

“Having to work at this facility and living within a few miles myself, I’m just as concerned in regards to odor. We will be installing Ozone systems in the exhaust fans of any process area that has the potential to generate odor. Ozone reacts with obnoxious odors neutralizing them. Research shows the reduction is 99.99% or nearly zero. Additionally, we have never had complaints or concerns about odor from anybody in the community, even as close as within the business park. Numerous people have toured our operation and driven by our plant, none of whom said that odor is a concern. People are welcome to drive by our plant at any time and seek for themselves if this is a reasonable concern after doing so.“

I believe Nelson never intended to vote in favor of the project.

—October 21, 2020

I raise this because I spoke with an old friend this week who works at her husband’s machine shop in Franklin’s Industrial Park. They’re just a half mile away from Strauss Meats.

Smells? Odors? My friend says never.

And Strauss? The best people, the best company, the best neighbor she tells me.

Alderman Nelson doesn’t like Strauss. But he really likes the most horrible aldermanic candidate in the crowd, Strauss’ #1 villain.

How come? This isn’t tough stuff. Nelson isn’t all that crazy about the mayor who supports Strauss.

That’s how we operate in Franklin.

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