Have you noticed what Gov. Evers is doing to try to win re-election?

Have you noticed what Gov. Evers is doing to try to win re-election?

Let’s not over-analyze. What’s he up to?

1) Tossing money around like candy.

2) Signing all kinds of friendly bills.

I check out this website daily: The Wheeler Report. It’s described by Wikipedia (I know, I never attribute them, but on this one they’re correct) this way:

A legislative news service covering the Wisconsin legislature. The daily emailed subscriber report tracks all legislation introduced; including bill referrals, hearing notices, executive session action, floor action, and action by the Governor.

Here are some recent examples posted by the Wheeler Report submitted by the governor’s office:

(With WDVA) Announce More Than $549,000 in Grants to 14 Organizations Helping Wisconsin Veterans and Families

Announces More Than $86 Million for Diverse Business Investment and Diverse Business Assistance Grants

Takes Action on 15 Bills

Signs 10 Bills to Promote Public Safety, Support Crime Victims and Survivors

Signs Three Bills in La Crosse to Help Address Substance Use and Overdose Deaths in Wisconsin

Announces More Than $50 Million Investment in Safer Communities Across Wisconsin

Announces Additional Security Pay Program for State Employees

Approves Funds to Improve 900 Miles of Public Roads for 2022

Announces More Than $17.2 Million in Community Development Block Grant Housing Awards

Etc., etc., etc.

And Tony (Santa Claus) Evers will continue his gift-giving ways right up until November. And the news media will lap it all up.

Do what I do. Keep track. Right here.

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