They want to keep jabbing you…forever

A prospect only Covid hypochondriacs could love.

Grace Curley writes in Spectator World:

What better way to mark the two-year anniversary of “fifteen days to slow the spread” than by getting a fourth Covid shot?

In an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Margaret Brennan, “Right now, the way that we have seen, it is necessary, a fourth booster right now.”

Bourla, who made $17.9 million in 2019 before the pandemic, wasn’t even wearing a white lab coat as he made his diagnosis. No stethoscope from the studio prop room either.

“The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths. It’s not that good against infections, but doesn’t last very long.”

These giant pharmaceutical companies have developed quite the business model: develop a vaccine that
does not stop the spread of a virus and then deem it necessary for the rest of time. Pfizer is still waiting on FDA approval for lucky number four. Once they inevitably get it, can a “necessary” fifth or sixth shot be far behind?

Read the entire column here.

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