It’s Christmas time all over again for our Irish girl

That would be 12-year old (soon to be, ugh, 13) daughter Kyla.

These days it’s one thrill after another.

Just last month a special package addressed to Kyla came from Florida.


An early birthday present. A brand new, not yet released sweatshirt from her friends, the internationally known Irish family band, the Byrne Brothers.

This could be the first time she ever attended the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Milwaukee, marveling at the dancers on the street. And when we’d visit Milwaukee Irish Fest and see all sorts of dancers she’d say to Mom and Dad that she “wanted to be an Irish girl.” We chuckled and reminded her she already was. And who knows. Someday.

Now she’s been in several parades. The latest was this past Saturday.

Fun with friends, and cool shades.

Hey, another package to check out.

Tickets to see… the Byrne Brothers at the Irish Cultural Heritage Center next month we got her, right Kyla?

Saturday’s post-parade party was held at the ICHC, and seats are still available for the Byrne Brothers who put on a great show, like the ones at Irish Fest last summer. Kyla and friends had a blast in front of the stage.

And St. Patrick’s Day Kyla will be dancing with Glencastle at various locations to celebrate the wearin’ of the green.

Yes, she is truly an IRISH GIRL!

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